a bio type section

here is a pic of me, although i got my hair chopped off recently so it's a bit out of date. right now i'm a student at CalArts studying music composition. i'll be putting scores and recordings of my stuff on the music page as soon as i get more of them.
some stuff i like but have no time for
really bad movies. those are the best, especially if they're completely and utterly terrible. although i do have my limits. breeders was the most horrible movie i've ever seen, and i never want to see it again. but there's a movie about midget vampires that looks pretty funny.
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however, it's not just the bad movies i like. i like good movies too, especially scifi, and i am a total nerd in this respect ;). movies, books, whatever. it's fun. star trek is great too, but i draw the line at about here. that's a little over kill. anyway, that stuff is great. ;p
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games are great, but i really have no time for them, even more then movies. plus, i've been trying to get out of the house more, since i have no life whatsoever at all. they have these paths around my house that i've been walking on. that's pretty fun, except i'd rather have some inline skates. ;p
i also write lots. maybe someday i'll stop being lazy and finish a story or two to sell. i have a short attention span and it's hard for me to write a novel and stuff. well, it probably is for most people ;) but i got a few going that are getting kinda longish (30,000 words or thereabouts).

that's it for now.