some scores and mp3s of stuff. stealing not allowed.


my broken dryer
percussion thing i did for class. based on the sounds of my ancient and, you guessed it, broken dryer.
it's minor
it is. it truly is. it is also the product of a serious lack of sleep.

note: these suckers need finale viewer which you can get here. You have to register with them (kinda annoying but free) to get it. On the plus side, you'll be able to play them and slightly modify them. woohoo. also, it's stupid so you have to use netscape or internet explorer -.-
i'm getting this played soon so i'll have an mp3 too. finale didn't like me on this one, the evil evil program.
i got this recorded a while back but i don't know what the hell is going on with it, so this is it for now.
i also have this one recorded but the person handling has majorly flaked out about it... annoying.